Child Custody Rights in Divorce for Couples of Different Religions

Please explain for my case. We have interfaith marriage through civil registration, have two daughters (2 years and 6 months). The one who followed the religion of the husband for 2 years, and 6 months joined the religion of the wife because there was a fundamental problem that could no longer be found a solution. If there is a divorce, what about custody? Can the children be divided, the husband remains the same for 2 years, and the wife 6 months, but still the husband’s responsibility for the cost of the 6 month child? Please explain, thank you in advance.

Religion and Child Custody

You did not completely specify the religion of you and your partner. We will explain in the case that for example you and your partner are Muslim and non-Muslim.
As stipulated in the Article on divorce, it does not eliminate the obligation of the father and mother to care for and educate their children. The article also states that if there is a dispute over the control of children, the court will make the decision.

This means that regarding child custody, if no agreement is found between husband and wife, it is resolved through court channels. But as an illustration of the distribution of custody, if we look at Islamic Law, we can refer to, in the event of a divorce, the care of children who are not or not yet 12 years old is the right of the mother, while the care of children who … Read More

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The best way to avoid divorce

Even marriages built with love sometimes cannot work well. There are only obstacles that can separate the love that has been knitted by lovers. You certainly don’t want the household you have built with your partner to end just like that. Here is the best way to avoid divorce in marriage,

1. Discuss your problem with a partner

The slightest problem can cause cracks in your marriage. So, try to discuss any issues with your partner. Remember, be open to your partner about what you really feel.

2. Offering a solution

When your household has a problem, try to offer a solution to overcome it. This is an effective method to avoid divorce.

3. Positive thinking

These are tips that can help you avoid divorce and bring back happiness in your married life. If you think that divorce or separation is the only way to deal with a problem, it will affect your married life. So, think more positively and optimistically.

4. Resolve the problem

There is no smoke or fire! So, if you make a mistake, try to correct your mistakes. Don’t even accuse your partner of being guilty. This action will actually make things worse.

5. Introspection

Have bad habits that need to be removed? All people have their own strengths and weaknesses. To maintain the stability of your household, you and your partner must do more self-introspection.

6. Align misunderstandings

This is one of the root causes of divorce. Misunderstandings can damage your relationship and make your … Read More

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Tips for Avoiding Divorce and Maintaining Relationships

The process of avoiding divorce is something that must begin at the beginning of a relationship. Many people are looking for topics like this, because after all, many people are afraid of losing their partners. Especially if you already have children, not only husbands or wives who are victims, but children are the hardest victims of household divorce.

In a family can not be separated from a problem. Of these problems many people decide to end their relationship or divorce. Most at that time were only the ego they used, without seeing the adverse effects of the divorce itself.
For that we must be vigilant and immediately might look for steps to avoid attitudes and behaviors that can cause divorce.

Here are some steps or tips for avoiding divorce:

1. Instill in yourself and your family that marriage is a serious commitment and cannot be taken lightly.
2. Make sure that your partner knows that they are the top priority in your life.
3. Maintain communication between partners. Openness in all things helps you to avoid problems in your family.
4. Put aside personal ego, do not feel yourself always right and always corner the couple.
5. Remember children, try to remember your children, the fruit of your love.
6. If you experience cracks, try to remember and bring up memory when you are married first.
7. Jealousy and cheating, It is not new that many disputes occur because of jealousy, which is often rooted in misinterpretation and lack of … Read More

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Kansas Legal Companies

🗽⚡🔴Affordable Paralegal Services

Instead, funding comes from interest earned on the trust accounts Florida attorneys are mandated to hold. The funds are distributed by The Florida Bar Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing legal assist to the poor. Because of years of low rates of interest, funding for these legal assist teams has declined sharply.

legal services

To date, the main target has been on preserving the standard partnership mannequin and elevating revenue-per-associate. As Ms. Sandefur says, the problem is “greater than legislation and attorneys.” Most attorneys continue to resist ”˜non-lawyer”™ efforts to infringe upon what they regard as their professional territorial imperative and financial mannequin. In the age of the buyer, lawyer hubris and self-regulation may sluggish, however not reverse, the paradigmatic shift already underway in the rising international authorized trade. Sandefur is conscious about and unencumbered by the legal occupation”™s cultural biases–a self-selecting, self-perpetuating guild that is insular, homogeneous, protectionist, and monopolistic. Lawyers have lengthy decided what’s “authorized” and have created language, guidelines, regulatory schemes, and financial models designed to bolster the parable of legal exceptionalism. Her focus is addressing the problem, not reconfiguring the normal legal delivery paradigm to realize incrementally higher results. There is growing evidence that the marketplace is receptive to Ms. Sandefur”™s call for a paradigm shift, and consumers are more and more detached to stiff resistance from the authorized career.

A ruling from the Florida Supreme Court places limits on how legal help clinics can use their funds, potentially restricting the aid obtainable to low-revenue … Read More

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How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer for Your Case

Divorce is a significant life transition affecting your emotions, finances, and relationships. If you have children, it can be even more complicated.

Getting divorced can be expensive, and you may be worried about the impact on your finances. The right Tampa divorce attorney will be upfront and clear about the costs associated with your case.


With the assistance of a skilled attorney, divorce proceedings can be easier to manage because the legal issues involved are frequently complicated and passionate. If you’re considering filing for divorce, finding a lawyer with the right experience to help you get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible is essential.

A Tampa divorce lawyer with extensive family law experience will be able to handle the many issues that can arise in a divorce case, including child custody, property division, and alimony. They will also understand the local laws, court procedures, and judges in the area, which can help streamline your case.

The best divorce attorney can help you reach a fair resolution through mediation or negotiation rather than going to trial in court. However, they will also be prepared to defend your rights in court if necessary. It’s essential to choose a lawyer with extensive mediation and litigation experience so they can handle whatever comes up in your case.


Floridians get married at a higher rate than most people, but they also get divorced at an equally high rate. That is why it’s so important to have a divorce attorney on Read More

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The Role of a Family Law Attorney – What You Need to Know

Family law attorneys assist parents with custody issues, children seeking emancipation, and married or single people seeking divorce. They use their analytical thinking skills to develop solutions that benefit all parties involved.

They understand that courts often have discretion regarding some instances, so they will be realistic about their client’s chances of getting what they want in court. They also build trust with their clients through open and honest communication.

Negotiation Skills

A family law attorney must be able to negotiate on behalf of their clients. This is especially true if they handle child custody and spousal support matters. A recent study showed that most of these disputes are resolved through mediation.

When negotiations are necessary, a family law attorney Tampa will help their client reach a settlement that aligns with the client’s goals. It can be done through meetings, letters, or conversations with the other party’s attorneys.

Family lawyers will also ensure their clients are well informed about the legal process and potential outcomes. They will encourage open communication and provide updates throughout the case. It ensures that their client is confident with the direction of the case and can ask any questions they may have. It also helps avoid any surprises in the future. It will ultimately save both parties time and money.

Organizational Skills

With the rising divorce rate, family law attorneys are more in demand than ever. Their job is to provide legal advice and guidance as they review the details of each case, explain applicable Read More

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