Here it is! 3 Powerful Guides to Find a Reliable Lawyer

The successful completion of a legal case owned by a person is influenced by the process of selecting the right professional reliable lawyer, Humans never escape from making mistakes and are blinded by ignorance that causes them to be trapped in a problem. At this age, the problems of the cases that occur are also increasingly diverse and environmental.

reliable lawyer

Indonesia as a country of law, makes law as a pillar that plays a role in balancing the needs and welfare of the citizens. All cases are to be re-adjusted to the applicable law. Therefore, in order to resolve or find a way out of a case, it means to use the encouragement and/or services of those who have knowledge of the law, namely lawyers.

Since the presence of the Act, all forms of legal services provided by a person, whether providing advice, consulting, or applications in the legal assembly are called advocates. This causes there to be no comparison of mentions between legal consultants, legal advisors, or application lawyers.

To deal with business cases, the type of lawyer that can be used is a corporate lawyer. Corporate lawyers are lawyers who work at a law firm to handle cases in the corporate field, and each have their own specialization.

To get encouragement and solving legal problems that are right, the author classifies there are 3 sessions that can be tried:

Independent Study

To choose from the many available lawyer options, you can first try an independent search to get sufficient information about the required lawyer. You can try this via:

Reputation of the office/industry where the lawyer works

In order to make it easier to get a competent lawyer, the selection can be tried through the office/industry where a lawyer works. It is believed that through the reputation that the office/industry has, it will create a sufficient and credible workforce. However, not necessarily in selecting lawyers, it must always be based on the reputation of the office/industry the lawyer works in.

Background Checking

Next, carry out a search on the field and experience of the lawyer. It means to choose a lawyer who is an expert and has a lot of experience related to the case experienced so that in providing solutions, the lawyer can deliver from various perspectives that are not known to the client and are based on his experience.

Not only that, it is also necessary to pay attention to the legality of the desired lawyer through a search on advocate website. This session is a crucial session in selecting a lawyer

which is expected to be able to help resolve a case. If there is negligence in carrying out the process of selecting background checking, this will have an effect on the incompatibility of the required lawyer so that the client is obliged to return to conducting a lawyer search from an early stage (due to a mismatch).


The last action that can be tried on an independent study is a testimony to the performance of the lawyer. Even though it is subjective in nature, this can help a client evaluate the criteria for a lawyer he needs or only share data on bonus related lawyers.

This session is optional and lucky if you can have it, because not all clients who are owned by a lawyer can be recognized and/or recognized by other prospective clients.

Pursing Lawyer Options

Based on the independent study session, a client should already have various options for the lawyer he wants. To ensure the accuracy of choosing a lawyer, it is necessary to try a review by sorting / re-screening lawyers, focusing on the experience and needs of the client. Minimizing options can also help save the client’s time in determining the current lawyer before entering the next session.

Client experience and needs matter. This is because, not all lawyers can handle the things that are needed by their clients, especially if the client is a business actor. Moreover, as a business actor, of course, the client needs a lawyer to do certain things to help support the legality of his business.

Conducting Interview

Finally, to confirm that the data held is valid and multiply the data that is no longer available on the internet, the client can conduct an interview with a lawyer. Through interviews, clients can have up-to-date data and perspectives on individual lawyers such as speaking style, giving input, experience, and so on.

In addition, don’t hesitate for clients to ask the lawyer fees needed while working together, this is to measure how much money you want to pay and to avoid other cases in the future. Through interviews, it is tried to increase the client’s confidence in the professional lawyer who will help him later.