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law dictionaryThe principle source of TheFreeDictionary’s legal dictionary is West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, Version 2, which incorporates greater than four,000 entries detailing terms, ideas, events, movements, instances, and people vital to United States legislation. Documents or objects that are accepted by the court docket as proof to support a case. Personal injury isn’t limited to bodily physique harm. Formal document beginning a civil action or special proceeding which is a way to achieve jurisdiction over a party.

Prosecute: To proceed and to maintain a authorized action, equivalent to a prosecuting attorney who tries in courtroom to prove an accused person to be responsible; to aim to implement by authorized action. Also known as a declaration of invalidity,” this is a lawsuit or authorized action that ends in the court docket’s judgment that a marriage never existed on the grounds that the marriage isn’t, or never was, legally valid.

Joint: Tenant An individual who owns real or private property along with one or more individuals in equal shares, usually in an association the place, upon the loss of life of one joint tenant, the surviving joint tenant(s) mechanically owns the deceased personÆs share.

Common partners: Owners of a partnership who’re liable for the administration of the partnership, obtain a share of the partnership’s profits and losses, and who are personally liable for the actions of the opposite partners and the debts of the enterprise.

A waiver is a written authorized doc that relinquishes a person’s known right, declare, or privilege. Some legal guidelines or court guidelines require that particular documents be personally delivered to a celebration, whereas others may permit supply by mail or different methods.